An electric racing series for high school students.

A real racing series to teach electric vehicle technology

It's like FIRST Robotics but with electric go-karts! High school teams compete to win races with racing karts of their own design. Challenges are shaped to reward not only total speed, but also agility, durability, and power.Teams are welcome to use a Super-E drivetrain starter kit, or build their own within the rules.

(the above image is just for inspiration ;)

Preparing students for the next generation of careers and motorsports

The workplace is changing dramatically and technical education has not kept up pace. The crucible of motorsport is a terrific place to learn how to wrench, how to fabricate, how to work on a team, and how to compete. The fact that it's fun helps a lot.

The big race:
June 2024 in Detroit, Michigan

Build season begins January 2024 and continues through the school year.The big race for all USA-based teams is located in Detroit in June, 2024. All participating teams are welcome to join.

Enter to Compete:

Super-E is available to all USA-based high schools. Teams are founded by an educator at each school. There is no cost to enter for 2024 besides the optional Starter Kit.

Support a team:

Super-E is funded entirely on donations. If you'd like to support a school to join Super-E, the starter kit costs just $800.

Volunteer to help:

We need all kinds of people to help with technical support, helping teams, running races, marketing, you name it! Sign up to help out:

Stay Connected

Updates are posted to social media + questions answered via email 👇

Super-E is a project of Ride for Ride, Inc, a Detroit-based Nonprofit 501c3.

In Canada?

Head over to the Edison Motors Highschool EV Challenge site to sign up as a Canadian team. click here